Sekundäre Darlegungslast bei Filesharing

Vielen Gerichten reichte im Rahmen der sogenannten sekundären Darlegungslast aus, dass lediglich die Möglichkeit der Nutzung durch Dritte darlegt wird. Einige wenige Gerichte forderten, dass der Abgemahnte den wirklichen Täter nennen muss. Hierzu gehörte vor allem das Oberlandesgericht München mit Urteil vom 14.01.2016 (Az. 29 U 2593/15). Dem hatte der Bundesgerichtshof mit Urteil vom 06.10.2016 […]

Best Professional Law Firm With Experienced Attorneys

Many incidents in our lifetime stir our senses into calling for an attorney or approaching a professional law firm. Whether you’re a boss or an employee to your boss, you might need to defend yourself sometime. Only when you can locate any experienced lawyer, you will gain a legal issue.Get more informations about Abmahnung Waldorf […]

Importance Of Law Firm Marketing

Importance of marketing for law firms and ways to market services for law firms at events. There are multiple advantages of marketing law firm especially if you plan to set up your own firm as an experienced lawyer. You’ll need to learn the art of marketing your skills by being persuasive otherwise regardless of how […]

Important Tips To Select A Law Firm

Law firms occupy a very important place in our society. You need them to get so much finished. It is important to hire a good law firm because most people know nothing about the legal issues and only legal firms can help them out. The outcome of your case depends largely on the type of […]